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Another symbol commonly used to represent the yoni of the Great Mother is the downward-pointing triangle. Similar in shape to a woman’s pubic mound, this is found at the entry point of many sacred sites and is closely related with the Asian goddess Cunti (also Candra or Cunda), a female deity in Buddhism who is an emanation of the Buddha Vajrasattva. From this name are derived such words as county, country, cunning, and cunt. Unlike modern day usage, cunt, historically, was not a word of derision but one of respect, honoring the embodiment of the Goddess within a woman. The same derivation gives us the word kin, or family, leading to the word kingdom, which denotes the domain of a king or queen. This confirms the importance of the matrilineal inheritance in ancient times, wherein the continuation of a family and its fruitfulness on all levels was seen to be totally dependent on a woman and her link to the Great Mother’s energy.

—Christine R. Page - Healing Power of The Sacred Woman (via breathemystardust)

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Life becomes so much fun when you don’t want anything from anyone. You just want to do your thing and see other people do their’s without getting in their way. I have never in nature seen a dog eat a dog. A dog will eat it’s own vomit before it turns to that. Compete with yourself and build others up, it’s like cocaine for your good vibes.


good grief this.

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I am sad and have a passion for unknown, distant places. I want to see the world. And I would love it, if I just had the chance to get away for a little while. But sadly, things aren’t that easy; desire won’t change a thing.

—Abraham M. Alghanem, A Dying Flower (via thatkindofwoman)

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